I. General questions

You are a company which wants to build a network of representatives.

You need:

  1. Keep control of your database of objects
  2. Guaranteed post items on sites representatives (rather than wait for that they are, from your letters, add to your site all your database of the objects)
  3. To manage, from one cabinet, all your objects on all websites of Representatives (price change, hide an object if it is sold or reserved, etc.)
  4. Your representative partner is not interested to send customers to your website - they want to advertise their website - so he needs help to easily transfer all of your objects to his website or give him a new site is already filled with your objects (for example, if it is a travel agency that creates overseas property sales department)
  5. You have to inform all visitors of your website that you are willing to cooperate.
  6. It should be convenient to both you and your representatives -partner.

Of course, you can work as before - to offer to become a partner, then write letters, to offer download everything is necessary from your website, or lose control of giving whole database of objects through the XML, send letters with updates - that the price has changed, or the object sold / reserved in such complex etc.

You are a company:

  1. Sign up at our site,
  2. You get a cabinet for management of objects, representatives, configuration
  3. You install on your website link-button or link banner – This is the page for invitation to be your representative, and a form of registration of the potential representative.
  4. Manually Add objects that you want to give to representatives or connect your site with services using XML
  5. When on your website someone registers as a representative, you will receive a message with a description of the company and you take decision- cooperate with it or not. Any formal agreement about cooperation, profit distribution, customer information transmission conditions, you sign directly with your representative.

You are a representative

  1. You entered the website of the Company - real estate agency (or seen advertisements or received a letter) and saw the invitation to become a representative
  2. Registered on the page - add all information about yourself.
  3. The company will receive your message (and on the Service and by email), but you can call them back so that they have considered your application faster
  4. After confirmation from the Company, you get access to your cabinet
  5. Objects of your partner (the Company) will be displayed from your name!!
  6. If you do not have a website or you want to a separate a website, you will receive immediately website filled with objects of your partner, and you can start to work immediately
  7. If you have a website, then in the cabinet you can take the form and attach it to your site objects

All conditions of cooperation do you negotiate with the company - a partner without our participation.

The first month of use of the Service is free for you - it has already paid for your partner.

Additionally we built advertising tools - they need to be activated.

II. How to build your network of representatives?

  1. You can install on your website button invite to cooperation (or other label)
  2. You can install on your website a banner with the invitation
  3. You can integrate into your website frame, like of pages of your site
  4. You have a link that you can place where its will be convenient for you.
  5. Can make advertising on social networks with the invitation or Banner - link
  6. You can send an invitation through an email, leave advertisements on other websites.

No - we are software that helps you build and grow your network. But you can order - advertising on our website, newsletter by email, advertising in social networks

III. Company Questions.

  1. To control your database of the objects
  2. To increase the number of representatives in your country and around the world.
  3. To facilitate the management of partners
  4. This is a solid and user-friendly

Sure - some people also prefer to live without electricity (but they do not work in the real estate market). Of course you can do it yourself - it will cost you much more expensive + maintaining program + program updates. Economically it is not profitable and did not pay off.

Sure - some people also prefer to live without electricity (but they do not work in the real estate market). Of course you can do it yourself - it will cost you much more expensive + maintaining program + program updates. Economically it is not profitable and did not pay off.

Any company or even a person (all the legal formalities you arrange directly). You can connect the partners from any country.

Now the main language of the program - English, also have a Russian version. We are preparing the translation into Turkish, Spanish, German, Chinese and Portuguese.

IV. Questions from partner-representatives.

No - you by yourself communicate with customers, answer questions, and promote your website and objects. Your partner only controls own information property - their database of the object.

No - the direct link between sites is not present. The client can certainly find accidentally or especially your partner, but not through the program.

Yes, of course - if you agree about it.

Yes - at this stage it can be done by placing on your site several search forms with different names (eg - Property in Spain, Villas in Greece, the exclusive real estate in the US)

No, you can not change the price, photo and description of the object - it only makes your partner from its site (or in the Service cabinet). But you can hide an object by display on your site - if it does not suit you for some reason.

V. What are you getting? Advantages.

  1. CONTROL of database of objects.
  2. NO loss of uniqueness for search engines.
  3. It is EASY for partners and TRUSTWORTHY for you.
  4. Connect with your partners websites into a single network selling.
  5. No downgrading in the search engine sites - because your objects are not at the website of the representative, but in our cloud. Due to this, you also have more control over the database of objects.

VI. Payments and Fees.

There is a connection fee and the first month all options enabled - this means that all of your partners first month after registration will always be free, and then 2 variants:

  1. You pay by your monthly fee of all your partners - i.e. they always use for free website, program (all except paid advertising options)
  2. Part of the license fee you pay (per server - cloud and software update functionality), and the second part - your partners - for themselves.
  3. We recommend this option, because when you need to pay at least a little bit, do you remember what you need to do something, such as advertising objects, etc.- i.e. small payment as it is a reminder of its duties. But the first month of subscription to the program, for the representatives, will always be free. You paid for it when making a payment for your activation.

The program – how does it looks, functionality

VII. Advertising / promotion.

How can I build my network of representatives?

  1. Visitors to your site can see that you are ready to cooperate (from our service set button with the invitation to cooperate and / or banner on your website, or to your website is integrated the frame as a page of your site).
  2. Connect all your existing partners, in order to facilitate the management and work with them.
  3. Send out an offer to become your partner in the social networks, into catalogs, forums, etc.
  4. we will put a link to your site in our section Company and everyone will be able to choose you.
  5. You can easily register new partners directly at the exhibitions and know that they have become your partners - and this solid and comfortable (for you and for partners) and favorably.

VIII. Legal issues

No - we just software, which facilitates the exchange of data.

No - we charge a monthly fee for the technical maintenance of the program.

You organize it yourself - exchange contracts, describing the conditions and obligations, payment terms, methods of providing information about clients, etc. This is all your relationships - we provide the technical part - the connection of your sites and database objects.

No - we do not have this legal right, we do not track your relationship, do not read your correspondence, do not store any additional data (except for automatic backups, which makes our service provider), etc.